A global team of professionals to give you a multifaceted perspective.

Our methodology is based on the integral theory. We value each individual's purpose and we promote an alignment within the organization's goals. We have strategists, developers and designers, but you will be surprised to find a biologist, a musician, a life coach and other disciplines among us.

Nicolás Franz


Queren Barrabarra (red Whooo)


Camille Caobianco

Project Manager

Brenda Sanchez (red Whooo)

Project Manager

Alexander Petruces (red Whooo)

Graphic Designer

Silvana Sepulveda

Social Media Manager

Alex Rivero (red Whooo)

SEM Specialist

Rodolfo J. (red Whooo)

Graphic Designer

Lawyers and Legal Advisors

Lawyers and Legal Advisors, Specialists in LGPD, data protection, digital law, commercial and contracts.

Daiana G. Costa

Lawyer, working in the field of General Data Protection Law. Addicted to the good things in life, such as reading, dogs and nature.

Josélio Teider

Specialist in Law and Computer Technology. Developing creative solutions to the legal field.

Luany Nunes Bertazzo

Specialist in Business Law. Passionate Mediator and Negotiator. Connecting people through passion.

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