A global team of professionals to give you a multifaceted perspective.

We value knowledge in a holistic way. We value humans overall. We certainly have strategists, developers and designers, but you'll be surprised to find a biologist, a musician, a life coach and more among us.

Jorge Lorenzoni


Whooo's partner, architect by profession, therapist at heart.

Felipe Leyton

Head of Design

Passionate about photography, art, capoeira and waiting for new experiences that life gives us.

Camila Álamos

Head of Creativity

Designer by profession, cook at heart, biker in motion and a forever cat lover.

Santiago Franz

Finance Manager

Financial Officer, head office in Brazil. Full-time traveler, biologist by passion, one of our Zen masters of the team.

Aline Romig

CEO & Head of Marketing

Photographer at heart, traveler by option. The world is my home and my source of inspiration.

Lincoln Moro

Head of New Accounts

Entrepreneur, specialist in commercial management, motorcyclist, diver and digital nomad. Providing support for customers in Europe.


Head of costumer support

Chemical Engineer, traveller and dreamer. Passionate about nature and cooking.

Brenda Sanchez

Head of SEO

Holds a degree in Bioanalysis, loves letters and social communications. Survivor in a changing world and musician by heart

Nicolás Franz


Specialist in digital marketing, advisor for various companies in Latin America, motorcyclist in his spare time.

Lawyers and Legal Advisors

Lawyers and Legal Advisors, Specialists in LGPD, data protection, digital law, commercial and contracts.

Daiana G. Costa

Lawyer, working in the field of General Data Protection Law. Addicted to the good things in life, such as reading, dogs and nature.

Josélio Teider

Specialist in Law and Computer Technology. Developing creative solutions to the legal field.

Luany Nunes Bertazzo

Specialist in Business Law. Passionate Mediator and Negotiator. Connecting people through passion.

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