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Think of us as your partners.

We aim at getting immersed in your business and collaborating holistically. We can also share a few drinks during the process!

Our approach

First, we dive into your business

Our methodology has a Human Centered Design approach, mixing neuroscience, sociology, appreciative inquiry, U Theory and much more.

"...with experience in applied innovation and agile development practices, Whooo is a team concerned with making a deep immersion in the core of your business. Beyond the customer-supplier relationship, we are partners in an evolutionary process."

Juan Carlos Obrador - Corporation for Positive Change

It is beyond perfectionism, it is about: just do it!

We are a team of doers. Planning and neatness is certainly important, really important, but putting your ideas into practice is the only way to make them come true. Think about it while you test it. Iteration is everything.

Then we improve, we grow, we transform. Iterate, iterate and iterate.

A few things remain a constant in our days: (1) we are humans above all and (2) we are changing at every lived minute. Your product or service is transforming itself too. Your platform/website doesn't match the Beginning/Ending parameters and it will always be an ongoing idea impacting others.

"The old way of working is linear, that's a thing of the past. The market changes too quickly, my product and my services they need to be ready for the new trends, that's why I trust in this incredible team, they like to think in an horizontal, long-term and multi-channel manner."

Marcelo Cruz - Grupo Embracon
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These are some ways in which we can help your business.

Strategies and insights

  • Business strategy
  • Technical consultation
  • Analysis of data
  • Business management

Product Development

  • Web Development
  • Development of Platforms and Applications
  • Integral System (SAP/ERP)
  • Digital Work

Marketing and Communication

  • Payment Campaigns
  • Content Marketing (SEO)
  • Management of Digital Communities
  • Marketing Automation

Our model in action: cases

Esplendor (BR)

A project co-created from transdisciplinarity, and ready to generate profound changes at an individual[...]

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Let’s talk about you!

Let’s get to know each other and see how we can help you develop your business.

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